Cinematographer, Director, Editor


Rudy Ruiz is a freelance filmmaker with a passion and unique ability to create beautiful images on screen. His professional experience includes, but is not limited to: feature films, short films, music videos, web series, promo videos, commercials, fashion shows, red carpet events, and live performances. While Ruiz works primarily as a DP and camera operator, he is also adept at directing and editing. This versatility—along with his easy-going demeanor and efficiency—has garnered him with a reputation of excellence amongst industry professionals. His production package includes cameras, lenses, and lights - and continues to evolve.

Whether your next project is a feature film, music video, or anything in between, contact Rudy Ruiz for a professional, distinctive, and quality product.

My Reel


I approach my work with a unique perspective that takes into account your needs and your individual style. My style and technique are broad and flexible, developed over years of training and experience. 



Let's Burn One (web series) dir. Alex Genther & Rudy Ruiz (2014)

Alone (music video) artist: Anthem Experience dir. Rudy Ruiz (2014)

Answers (music video) artist: Camila dir. Rudy Ruiz (2014)

Kenny's Ok (feature) dir. Omar Salas Zamora (2014)

Living with Uncle Charlie: 1 episode (web series) dir. Joel & Joseph Harold (2014)

Push and Pull (short) dir. Maricela Lazcano (2014)

Assistant Motives (feature) dir. Jean Claude LaMarre (2014)

Next to Me (music video) artist: Camila dir. Rudy Ruiz (2014)

A Woman During Lent (short) dir. Andrea Rideway (2014)

Pulse Percussion promo series (promo) dir. Matt Lackey (2014)

Dinner Date (short) dir. Rudy Ruiz (2013)

Tripping Over Love (short) dir. Maricela Lazcano (2013)

Boostcase commercial 1 & 2 (promo) dir. Melanie Garcia (2013)

Kenny's Ok (short) dir. Omar Salas Zamora (2013)

Galahad: Episode 2-Decision Point (tv series) dir. Tommy Scott (2013)

Voyage (short) dir. Rudy Ruiz ( 2013)

Get Lucky Cover (music video) artist: Devin K. dir. Rudy Ruiz (2013)

Charlie & Leo (music video) artist: Bodegas dir. Rudy Ruiz (2013)

Pacific Crest promo series (promo) dir. Matt Lackey/Rudy Ruiz (2012-2014)

Natural Selection (music video) artist Bodegas dir. Rudy Ruiz (2012)


Camera & Electric:

Sue Wong's "Fairies and Sirens" (Fashion Show) dir. Collier Landry(2014) camera op.

Facing Life (short) dir. Collier Landry (2014) first assistant camera

Namaste Bitches (web series) dir. Scott Paulin (2014) camera op./grip

Sue Wong's "Edwardian Romance" (Fashion Show) dir. Collier Landry (2014) camera op. 

Road 2 NAB Show (Web series)(2014) camera op.

Mayra Munoz music video dir. Alex Linares (2014) camera op.

Sapphire Strange (short) dir. Justin Calen Chenn (2013) first assistant camera/gaffer

Love Is an Elevator (short) dir. Cerina Da Graca/Collier Landry (2012) First assistant camera